Just the Tipple

I was just driving north of the Black Hills of South Dakota on the Wyoming side of the border when I spotted this interesting structure off the highway and had to investigate.  It’s an old 1800s coal mining structure called a tippel, specifically the Aladdin Coal Tipple which was made into a nice little historical park.

Up top a short path were remnants of the old coal mine with the carts and tracks and the air shaft.  It was fenced off so I didn’t go all the way in, you know, just enough to see what what it was like.  Of course I took the opportunity to show off my shaft!

Just the Tipple!

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Digitize: SS#395

Did you know that the DNA information in a single sperm contains 37.5 MB worth of data? Which means that an average ejaculation almost instantly transfers roughly 1,500 terabytes of data. – Gizmodo

Sintax: Down-load complete!

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SS #393: Pagan Circle Ritual

I made a Halloween-esque multiple exposure set on a trip to Mushroom Rock State Park in Kansas.  As the link shows, it’s been a photo op for many decades, but I think I’m the first for this kind!  It was windy, so I had to set my tripod down further from the rock than I wanted to, and on the ground, but it still turned out okay.



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SS #391: I Am…Hidden

“Underneath these clothes, I’m naked.” – somebody


On red barn

In red state

Religion is conserved

Better is deserved

Casting shadow

Light of day

Hidden urge

Desires purged

Leaning blue

To thine own self be true!


Sinful Sunday Week 390

Toadstool Geological Park is known for its fossil beds and grey mushroom-like formations erosion-carved from sandstone and volcanic ash.  But if you search the barren, monotone strata diligently enough, you may spot the bad-boy of the badlands, the Purple Mushroom Tip, it’s smooth biology peeking out from the course, weathered geology!


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Sinful Sunday 389

This is the only multiple exposure set I did in the Black Hills.  I tried for a nudist community look.  It was at Gordon Stockade, which was risky.  It is a small, totally enclosed place with only one entrance and exit which is both good and bad.  It was also at the end of a 100 meter or so walkway from the parking lot.  The sun was going down behind the hills and I was the only one there, and figured from somebody driving up and walking in, I’d have at minimum a 30 second window.  I put a pair of shorts in each of the cabins, but still risky.  That’s why you see some of myselves running!  It probably only took 20 seconds, but seemed a lot longer at the time!


Due to the camera set-up and myself checking if the coast was clear, this part has the look of a voyeur getting caught peeping.


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Sinful Sunday Week 388

This week I’m sharing some photos I took at a quirky little one-horse town in South Dakota from my tri trip.  It’s an evolving bike sculpture in the town of Pringle, which is (in)famous also for a fundamental polygamous branch of Mormons.  I didn’t know that at the time, so I guess I wasn’t the only one being a sexual deviant!  The sculpture appealed to my like of cyberpunk dystopian landscapes.  And you know Pringles, once you drop (pants), you can’t stop!  So I took three pics that turned out much better than I thought they would!

My face behind the spokes and axle give my head a cyborg-ish look I think.

I’m also submitting this for the Pieces of Jade Scavenger Hunt for public art!

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Sinful Sunday Week 386 – Macro!

I had a difficult time thinking of something macro for this Sunday.  Then an idea hit me yesterday.  From my last Sinful Sunday post, you could tell it is Nebraska State Fair time.  I’m not a big fair/carnival kind of guy, but thinking of carnival games gave me an idea for a sexy ring toss game played with myself (in more ways than one).  Normally ring toss is played with bottles, but I decided to put the carnal in carnival and play it with my penis!

Used macro and my double exposure layer approach for some more trick photography.  Didn’t turn out quite as well as I’d hoped, but it’s also college football Saturday and I don’t have time to try a second take.  But it was fun making it, I hope I got a winner!


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Boston Marathon Bound!

Sinful Sunday – Week 385

Just ran my fastest marathon ever today, finished top three in my age group, top 10 overall, and got my qualifying time for the Boston Marathon!  Good enough for second tier qualification, so I’ll submit my time on September 12.  But today I submit my celebratory No Pants Endurance pic!


I’ve stated on this blog I have a kind of love/hate relationship with my body.  Temperatures reached over 90 today and my body betrayed me big time the last couple miles with gnarly cramping, but I gritted it out, fended off anybody trying to pass me.  So I win this round, body!


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