This Cumming Week

I’m late! National Orgasm Day was July 31st (except in United Kingdom, Australia, United States, and Canada on May 18). I made a quick change of plans to see a Weird Al Yankovic concert (so I did have a nerdgasm!) But this article says it can be extended through the week! Why not?

So for summer, I’m making a daily entry update to this post of all cumming-related pics I’ve collected this past year! Don’t worry, only the first day contains that kind of cumming!

Day 1: July 31, National Orgasm Day!

I found this sign along a seldom-traveled road in Nebraska announcing that I was entering Cuming County!

CAUTION! Explicit content ahead! ONLY for National Orgasm Day!

Male Childhood lesson: Don’t pee into the wind.

Male Adult lesson: don’t cum into the wind either! 😅

There is a saying: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” So…when in Cuming County…

Day 2: August 1st

In the most titular town of Cumming, IA is the Cumming Tap!

Day 3: August 2nd

Just a quick flash, coast was clear in front then a car pulled into the intersection. Good thing I covered my butt, literally!

Day 4: August 3rd

This place reminded me of my very favorite piece of erotica from The Pink Seam: Drive-Thru Dalliance, simply awesome! Unfortunately, no hot brunette’s mouth to pump Kum into, just pumped some gas into my tank to go 😦

Day 5: August 4th

Outside the site of an old cemetery for the ghost town of Cuming City, NE, since relocated. I ain’t afraid of no ghosts! I hear it likes the girls! Besides I’m wearing my came-oflage and I’ll snipe them with some plasma!

Day 6: August 5th

I wonder what the people of Cuming Street are up to tonight?

Day 7: August 6th

Cuming City Nature Preserve, blending in!


I’m exposed!
And it’s no big surprise!

– No Doubt

Obviously no surprise at all for anybody who’s seen my blog before, but I enjoy the outdoors and being exposed outdoors. It’s the thrill of danger and the taboo and also the fantasy of getting caught with my pants down!

My top fantasies involve being caught naked (though not necessarily outdoors) by a woman or even better, multiple women who like what they see! I’ve lamented on this blog the fact that most females will not appreciate the sight of an unexpected nude male while every red-blooded male appreciates the sight of an unexpected nude female. Also how I greatly envy the female…not power exactly, but sexual ability this way.

I’ve also said how I don’t like exerting power over others or the exploitation of weaknesses (i.e. the notorious unsolicited dick pic). Instead, I greatly desire the ability to provide sexual desire/pleasure with nudity. I’ve since learned there is a kink for this:

Active Scopophilia: scopophila is the condition or act of gaining sexual pleasure from openly looking at sex organs or acts, while Active Scopophilia is gaining pleasure from being looked at and providing pleasure to others by being the one getting looked at.

My kinks are then CFNM (clothed female, nude male) and active scopophila. So it’s important to understand me in this blog that the power dynamic I seek is not pure exhibitionism (Hey ladies, look at my dick!) but to expose myself with the crucial reciprocal pleasure ladies (or men for that matter) get from my posts. I hope I am providing some of that here. Thanks for reading!

Pastel Pastimes

Easter as a child was at my Aunt and Uncle Woodcock’s (haha I know) place. The pastel colors, the rustic farm, first hunting for Easter eggs then later, hiding them for the younger kids.

Now as an adult I can play a different kind of game, a scavenger hunt! This pastel mural and rustic old cabin in Blue Rapids, Kansas make for a great hunt area!

Want to join my hunt? Can you find the Easter Bunny? And maybe something a little more Adult?

Things to find:
1 Easter Bunny
2 Ox and cocks!

Sinful Sunday: Easter 2019 Edition


May as well use the February Photofest 2019 to check off some scavenger hunt locations. I had actually written off AED as I had no idea where one would be around where I live except at a highly trafficked area like a hospital. Then I saw this sign by an emergency railroad stop in the middle of nowhere on my way to South Dakota. So I made an emergency stop for an entirely different reason!

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