Adonis, Never Done-this!

I’m thrilled to announce the brain behind this photo set has started a blog and will no doubt be adding much to this community! The Lovely Braindrops!

Another set of firsts for me! My new potential nude runner friend requested a cosplay of sorts for me: a nude Adonis in marble! I hardly think I qualify to do the god of beauty and desire justice, but I’m beyond flattered by such a request! This is my first experience with body paint and I have some lessons to learn, for sure.

Making these black and white does look better, thanks for the suggestion, Missy!

I also left the video running for a quick BTS of the process:

NPE Sinema #1: Getting a Leg Up in Porn!

Inspired (as I so often am) by the one and only Lustful Empress and her adventures in porn series, I figured I’d show some of the films or scenes I have found influential in trying to make my own sexy short films.

My favorite by far is a mock retro PSA starring Ellie Idol called “Getting a Leg Up in Porn” (2006). I love everything about it! It is utterly fantastic! I’ve mentioned in my cosplay posts that I find the 1950s Americana PSA/propoganda films fascinating and I really have a thing for them (or at least perverting their pastoral idyllic facade). This film is more the 1970s vibe, but still works for me!

First off, it is set in Seattle, a city I love where I lived for a decade when I was (reluctantly) serving in the Navy. Ellie Idol is a Seattle area native and she’s even seen reading The Stranger, a Seattle indie newspaper! Every Wednesday, I looked forward to stopping by the little indie coffee shop in my neighborhood right across from Ravenna Park (my go-to running spot with hills, views, people watching, and a natural spring) to read The Stranger, in particular the hilarious and now sadly defunct David Schmader column “Last Days: The Week in Review.” I miss Seattle.

But I digress. This short film has it all, it’s funny, sexy, with a kernel of information and even some dark, shock humor. Ellie is not only physically adorable, she exudes charisma and seems to be having a blast making this silly short film! The pithy narration is spot on, and I love the little Seattle details of even using a Safeway card for the drug scene and eating a bag of Dick’s 🙂 ! I hope some day I can make my own short film worthy of this masterpiece!

What the Luck?

I just had a pretty incredible stroke of luck this week and now this WW prompt shows up! I should buy a lottery ticket! A school acquaintance of mine who I reconnected with as Facebook friends not too long ago (Facebook still has it’s moments) tagged me in a post.

She grew up in the same area I did (in the conservative red state) and also bucked that trend. She knows I’m not a conservative and also knows I’m a runner (and has supported me very well, sincerely thankful for that) and tagged me about a nude race post making the rounds on Facebook.

I know, right?!

Not sure if she suspected, I’m not sure how she could have, maybe just a “Hey, look at this weird race!” post to throw out there, because I do “collect” odd races as it were, but I played it close to the vest in Facebook. However, I did message her about having actually done a nude 5k.

Her response was the what the luck? moment, saying she’d be interested in doing one and lamenting the fact of still being stuck in the Midwest. So I fired back saying that the run I did was in the Midwest and again, as luck would have it, actually not that far from where she lives. I genuinely want to encourage people to try it since I had such a great experience.

But I don’t know her that well, so I thought about it for a couple hours then mentioned I had made the race report video. Anyway, I knew the incredible stroke of luck this appeared to be, but certainly didn’t want to cross any boundaries. So I gathered my courage and made it abundantly clear what this video contained before providing the link and saying she could delete the message and forget it ever happened.

So I waited anxiously for a response and she watched it and liked it! So I’m not a blue island in the red-west after all! It’s a pretty great feeling! Who knows? Maybe next year she’ll be running with me?

Science and Rationality

There is no way to do justice to this topic in one post (at least not without making you poor visitors read a book-length post), so I’ll be making multiple posts trying to succinctly summarize my working knowledge and in particular how it informs my views on sexuality and gender, the particular subjects of this blog

I’ve mentioned in some comments that there are three books that changed my life: The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins, The Robot’s Rebellion by Keith Stanovich, and most of all The Fabric of Reality by David Deutsch.

It’s important to mention, due to my Christian upbringing and conservative society that I live in, that these books do not define my life or actions or thoughts, etc like a religious text would to the religious. Neither they nor their authors are unassailable authorities, indeed they’d be horrified if they were taken as such. Indeed with the critical thinking tools I’ve learned from these and other works I’ve escaped the childhood programming of my upbringing and am now neither of those two things.

What I mean is that these books introduced me to their respective underlying scientific theories and research. They may not even be the best books dealing with their subject matter and certainly aren’t the only ones.

The first two on the list deal with the selfish replicators that built our bodies and brains (genes, the hardware analog) and the ones that influence our thoughts to a disturbing level (memes, the software analog). These two have huge implications for humans and our life goals.

The Fabric of Reality makes quite a claim just in the title, it deals with what reality itself is and it’s properties. It follows four strands:

  1. the multiverse interpretation of quantum mechanics
  2. realist epistemology
  3. Turing theory of computation
  4. and evolutionary theory of the previous two books

Daniel Dennett describes Darwinism as a “universal acid; it eats through just about every traditional concept and leaves in its wake a revolutionized world-view.” Deutsch’s work does the same thing but not just for a world-view, but for a view on reality itself!

One Year Blogaversary!

Well a day late to post as my Vimeo account got banned for copyright hit?  Huh?  Whatever, I started a new one.

I’d like to thank all the community so much for a great year of growth both blog and personally! I’m happy I could share with you as you share with me!

I put together a retrospective video that is also an outdoor nude photography tutorial and launch for the next year!

Three Willy Scrotes In-the-Buff

When I saw the “Willy” under the bridge, I had to show mine and pervert this nursery rhyme!

Once upon a time there were three Willy Scrotes, who were to go to the park and make their dicks go fap, and all three were in the buff!

On the way up was a bridge over a cascading stream they had to cross; and under the bridge lived the Cum Slut Nicole, with tits as big as melons, and a cunt many men had dealt in.

So first of all wanked the youngest Willy Scrote In-the-Buff under the bridge.

“Fap, fip, fap, fip!” went the Willy.

“Who’s that fapping under my bridge?” cat-called Nicole.

“Oh, it is only I, the tiniest Willy Scrote In-the-Buff, and I’m going up to the park to make my dick fap,” said the Willy Scrote, with such a small willy.

“Now, I’m going to gobble your cum right up!” said Nicole.

“Oh, no! pray don’t blow me. I’m too little, that I am,” said the Willy Scrote . “Wait a bit till the second Willy Scrote In-the-Buff cums. He’s much bigger.”

“Well, be off with you,” said Nicole.

A little while after wanked the second Willy Scrote In-the-Buff under the bridge.

“Fap, fip, fap, fip!” went the Willy.

“Who’s that fapping under my bridge?” roared Nicole.

“Oh, it’s the second Willy Scrote In-the-Buff, and I’m going up to the park to make my dick fap,” said the Willy Scrote, who hadn’t such a small willy.

“Now I’m going to gobble your cum right up!” said Nicole.

“Oh, no! Don’t take me. Wait a little till the big Willy Scrote In-the-Buff cums. He’s much bigger.”

“Very well! Get off with you!” said Nicole.

But just then wanked the big Willy Scrote In-the-Buff.

“FAP, FIP, FAP, FIP!” went the Willy, for the Willy Scrote was so girthy that the bridge creaked and groaned around him.

“Who’s that fapping under my bridge?” roared Nicole.

“It’s I! The big Willy Scrote In-the-Buff!” said the Willy Scrote, who had a seductive voice of his own.

“Now I’m going to gobble your cum right up!” roared Nicole.

Well cum along! I’ve got a willy the size of two spears and I’ll seal your eyelid shut or it’s 50 quid! I’ve got besides two big full balls and I’ll cum on your bits, body, and cones!

That was what the big Willy Scrote said. And then his cum flew at Nicole, and sealed her eyelids, and covered her bits, body and cones, and his cum was like a cascade! And after that he went up to the park. There the Willy Scrotes’ dicks went fap so much they were scarcely able to walk home again. And if the fapping hasn’t satisfied them, why, they’re still fapping; and so,

Fap, fip, fap.

This tale’s told out.

This Cumming Week

I’m late! National Orgasm Day was July 31st (except in United Kingdom, Australia, United States, and Canada on May 18). I made a quick change of plans to see a Weird Al Yankovic concert (so I did have a nerdgasm!) But this article says it can be extended through the week! Why not?

So for summer, I’m making a daily entry update to this post of all cumming-related pics I’ve collected this past year! Don’t worry, only the first day contains that kind of cumming!

Day 1: July 31, National Orgasm Day!

I found this sign along a seldom-traveled road in Nebraska announcing that I was entering Cuming County!

CAUTION! Explicit content ahead! ONLY for National Orgasm Day!

Male Childhood lesson: Don’t pee into the wind.

Male Adult lesson: don’t cum into the wind either! 😅

There is a saying: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” So…when in Cuming County…

Day 2: August 1st

In the most titular town of Cumming, IA is the Cumming Tap!

Day 3: August 2nd

Just a quick flash, coast was clear in front then a car pulled into the intersection. Good thing I covered my butt, literally!

Day 4: August 3rd

This place reminded me of my very favorite piece of erotica from The Pink Seam: Drive-Thru Dalliance, simply awesome! Unfortunately, no hot brunette’s mouth to pump Kum into, just pumped some gas into my tank to go 😦

Day 5: August 4th

Outside the site of an old cemetery for the ghost town of Cuming City, NE, since relocated. I ain’t afraid of no ghosts! I hear it likes the girls! Besides I’m wearing my came-oflage and I’ll snipe them with some plasma!

Day 6: August 5th

I wonder what the people of Cuming Street are up to tonight?

Day 7: August 6th

Cuming City Nature Preserve, blending in!

Sun’s Out, Guns Out!

Cosplay: an amalgam of costume and role-play where a person dresses up in a costume, usually of a character from film, comics, or video games.

As an admitted and proud geek and nerd, I’ve been interested in cosplay. The biggest cosplay type universe I’m interested in is Fallout and the post-apocalyptic genre. Of course, cosplay can be very expensive, especially in making or buying a costume accurate to the character. But I’ve found a way to make cosplay much cheaper: just don’t wear a costume! 🙂

“Halt! Without a big budget you cannot enter Cosplay!”

“Hold on, I’m receiving a message: A big budget should not be a BARRIER to cosplay! Please remove your pants and proceed!”

I don’t have a full script so far, just some ideas for a new short film in the Fallout tradition involving sex and gender in the future. But I was passing back through where it all started: Harlan County Reservoir on my way back from my triathlon this weekend so I had to stop and scout some filming locations and take some sample photos!

Unfortunately, my intended filming destination at Peckerneck Mine is along the Peckerneck Trail which is not a trail but a lake due to Nebraska’s flooding. The reservoir is expected to recede in late summer, assuming no more flooding which sadly may not be a good assumption.

The reservoir is also suffering a disgusting toxic algae bloom, but that gave me an idea for my film. It LOOKS like the grossly inaccurate Hollywood version of toxic nuclear waste does it not?

Extra FYI reading:

I’m attracted to the freedom of a type of neo-Wild-West world with few if any rules or constrains and where people are concerned with real problems not inane bullshit. I’m also fascinated with the 1950s America and it’s ubiquitous propaganda and Leave It to Beaver facade of idealism covering a rotting core of fear and bigotry.

But I’m also fascinated by that era’s starkly innovative plans to survive a nuclear holocaust. Raven Rock by Garrett Graff is a great read. This provided the inspiration for Fallout’s iconic “Vaults” (huge nuclear-powered underground bunkers) which are fascinating in both technological and social engineering perspectives.

Of course, I realize that actual life in a post-nuclear apocalypse would be hell on Earth and so does Fallout. That’s why the overall plot of the games is to re-discover old world tech (which was far more advanced than our current tech) that the player can use to usher in a new Garden of Eden and get the world right on a second chance. So at it’s core, it’s about the power of science and technology to both destroy or save our world.

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