Bowl Plaza: Pee-king In

A Bowl with Bling

I visited a little art town: Lucas, Kansas that has many awesome and amusing places.  These were taken in one of the most artistic places, I’m talking of course about the public restroom!

An exposing entrance

This place is a real art gallery, but also a 100% fully functional public restroom.  The pic to the right was taken right inside the entrance where the doors are open for viewing the art, but it occurred to me that also means they’re open to viewing anybody in the men’s room taking a pee.

I did have to go, and closed the door.
But it would have been fun to be
surprised by some ladies looking for
a view and getting an unexpected eye full!

The cliché mirror selfie

Made interesting in the Bowl Plaza

Running out of TP

Shouldn’t be a problem here!

Admiring the view

Despite all this

Bowl Plaza only got runner up, wonder what first place was?

Just the Tipple

I was just driving north of the Black Hills of South Dakota on the Wyoming side of the border when I spotted this interesting structure off the highway and had to investigate.  It’s an old 1800s coal mining structure called a tippel, specifically the Aladdin Coal Tipple which was made into a nice little historical park.

Up top a short path were remnants of the old coal mine with the carts and tracks and the air shaft.  It was fenced off so I didn’t go all the way in, you know, just enough to see what what it was like.  Of course I took the opportunity to show off my shaft!

Just the Tipple!

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Digitize: SS#395

Did you know that the DNA information in a single sperm contains 37.5 MB worth of data? Which means that an average ejaculation almost instantly transfers roughly 1,500 terabytes of data. – Gizmodo

Sintax: Down-load complete!

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SS #393: Pagan Circle Ritual

I made a Halloween-esque multiple exposure set on a trip to Mushroom Rock State Park in Kansas.  As the link shows, it’s been a photo op for many decades, but I think I’m the first for this kind!  It was windy, so I had to set my tripod down further from the rock than I wanted to, and on the ground, but it still turned out okay.



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SS #391: I Am…Hidden

“Underneath these clothes, I’m naked.” – somebody


On red barn

In red state

Religion is conserved

Better is deserved

Casting shadow

Light of day

Hidden urge

Desires purged

Leaning blue

To thine own self be true!


Sinful Sunday Week 390

Toadstool Geological Park is known for its fossil beds and grey mushroom-like formations erosion-carved from sandstone and volcanic ash.  But if you search the barren, monotone strata diligently enough, you may spot the bad-boy of the badlands, the Purple Mushroom Tip, it’s smooth biology peeking out from the course, weathered geology!


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Feeling Salty

Feeling salty and grey so this trip to the Great Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge matched my mood.  I wrote a post for Wicked Wednesday about my last chance of the year to complete an Ironman triathlon.  Well I didn’t.


I was most concerned about the swim.  I had 2 1/2 hours to complete it.  I did it in 2 hours and 26 minutes.  After that, I had until 6 pm to complete the 112 mile bike ride.  I got pulled off the course with half an hour until the deadline due to a technicality that the police intersection presence in town was set to stop at 6:00 and there was “uncertainty” of them being in place for my ride through town in the first 7 of 11 miles remaining (the final 5k or so was in the park).


I’ve failed to finish ultramarathons my fair share of times and wasn’t fine with it, of course, but I accepted it as it was on me and my training or beyond human control due to injury, etc.  But this time was different.  My pace was there, albeit barely.  The problem is that I registered for the beginner wave of the swim, which was completely reasonable, my being a beginner after all!  But once there, I found out the beginner’s wave was the final wave, not the first as I and everybody I’ve talked to agreed would be the logical assumption.  That meant I started 20-25 minutes after the first wave, which was the wave I’d been in if I hadn’t selected beginner.  That meant 20-25 minutes less time to finish the bike!  I fail to see how this benefits a beginner!


Long story short, being in the beginner wave is supposed to set up new triathletes in a better position, but it mathematically, truthfully set me up for failure.  I feel cheated and I think I have a sound argument that I was cheated.  This was the most disappointing and infuriating race experience of my life by a wide margin.  Now it’s a full year before another shot at completing an Ironman.  This cast a pall over everything else I’ve accomplished this year and will eat away like acid in my stomach all off season.  I still feel a little sick.

Sinful Sunday 389

This is the only multiple exposure set I did in the Black Hills.  I tried for a nudist community look.  It was at Gordon Stockade, which was risky.  It is a small, totally enclosed place with only one entrance and exit which is both good and bad.  It was also at the end of a 100 meter or so walkway from the parking lot.  The sun was going down behind the hills and I was the only one there, and figured from somebody driving up and walking in, I’d have at minimum a 30 second window.  I put a pair of shorts in each of the cabins, but still risky.  That’s why you see some of myselves running!  It probably only took 20 seconds, but seemed a lot longer at the time!


Due to the camera set-up and myself checking if the coast was clear, this part has the look of a voyeur getting caught peeping.


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Sinful Sunday Week 388

This week I’m sharing some photos I took at a quirky little one-horse town in South Dakota from my tri trip.  It’s an evolving bike sculpture in the town of Pringle, which is (in)famous also for a fundamental polygamous branch of Mormons.  I didn’t know that at the time, so I guess I wasn’t the only one being a sexual deviant!  The sculpture appealed to my like of cyberpunk dystopian landscapes.  And you know Pringles, once you drop (pants), you can’t stop!  So I took three pics that turned out much better than I thought they would!

My face behind the spokes and axle give my head a cyborg-ish look I think.

I’m also submitting this for the Pieces of Jade Scavenger Hunt for public art!

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